7 Latest Fashion Christian Ladies Need To Stay Away From

That’s the reaction many Christian women have when it comes to fashion and God. It’s all about your heart, right? Who cares if your outfit is 12 years outdated and full of holes; as long as you have a servant’s heart, it’s all good.
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Although we know God wants us to focus on our character rather than on our outward appearance, we also need to remember that we are His representatives When you represent a company, you typically dress in a business suit.
You are careful that the material is ironed, that your hair is neat and in place, and that your shoes don’t have holes in them. Meeting with a client in holey jeans, a baggy t-shirt, and a bad case of bed head probably wouldn’t win you points with the boss.

Similarly, God wants His ambassadors to reflect Him. Our God is not the frumpy, dull, or ugly type; He is a God of beauty.
Here are 7 Latest Fashion That Christian Ladies Need To Stay Away From
1. Nose piercing

This is becoming a norm in Nigeria these days. A day doesn’t go by without me seeing more than 10 females with nose ring on. The thing don tire me! What I find annoying is that such ladies call themselves Christians but prefer to appear like prostitutes. You need to visit under bridge ikeja to see the way they queue up to have their nose punctured.
2. Tattoo
Haaaa…this one is very crazy. Many girls write Christianity as their religion when filling forms, but we find them doing things that show pure rebellion against God. Most of them go to church with Dragon Tattoo on their body. Abeg, don’t they know that Satan’s second name is dragon? What annoys me most is that every girl now carry that tiny star tattoo between their nose and upper lip. Sometimes, it makes me think it’s a fly that perched above their upper lip.
3. Fixing eye lashes
Can a Christian girl walk up to someone to preach to the person while having fixed eye lashes? The person won’t accept her message. He might find her confusing cos her mouth preaches accepting Jesus but Her eyes seem like she’s seducing him. What I find annoying now is that many girls sit comfortably in church with such looks all because pastors don’t preach against such anymore.

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4. Camel toe revealing outfits
I’m still waiting for the day I will see 2 girls arguing about who has the best camel toe. What I will do that day Ehn….! I wonder what girls gain in showing the world the shape of their private part. Is it in the name of fashion or in the name of “I don’t have a mirror at home”? Don’t show your camel toe in public cos it’s disgusting. Ask any guy around, he will tell you how much he hates it. Lol
5. Anklet
In the past, anklets were used to recognise prostitutes. But these day, we cant differentiate between prostitutes and decent girls anymore because they all wear it. Some school of thought even associate it with lesbianism. To say the truth, it’s not your anklet that makes guys LOVE you. Your anklet makes them see you as someone meant for a one night stand.

6. Torn or crazy jeans

I remember entering a bus and sitting beside a girl who wore this latest crazy or torn jeans. Men… I couldn’t concentrate that day as my eyes were just getting drawn to the flesh exposed by the crazy torn jeans. Omo, the exposed parts were so fresh and fleshy that I didn’t know when I had a hard on. Ladies, your indecent dressing is causing men to sin against God. Pls, stay away from such clothes.


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