“Acting indecent movies is my calling & talent” — Afrocandy says, and shares raunchy photos

“It is my job and that is what I do for a living. I love acting such movies because that’s what I’m talented in and my fans appreciate it.

I don’t care what anybody says because many of them would still come back to watch the movies and enjoy themselves. I act well and many people love acting with me. I know how to give men a good time and they always come back for more.”

On her teenage children’s reactions to seeing their mum in that manner, she said:

“We live in the US where you can do whatever you like, so long as you don’t break any law and it makes you happy. I don’t watch my movies with my children but I wouldn’t feel bad if they get to watch them. In fact, I’ll love to see their reactions.

I have taken care of them to a point that they can now stand for themselves. I hear some people saying that I went haywire and decided to do this to go against my ex husband. Believe me, that’s not true. I do it simply because I love it. “There’s more to come from me and I can assure you, you’ll be blown away. Afrocandy is here to stay,” she said

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