Painful Betrayal: Woman Snatches Her Bestfriend’s Husband

Painful Betrayal: Woman Snatches Her Bestfriend’s Husband

Betrayal can be painful especially when it is coming from a close friend or a loved one. A woman has suffered such a bad fate after her best friend snatched her husband.

While speaking in court, the woman alleged that the lady she regarded as her best friend snatched her husband from her leaving her in sorrow.

According to H-metro, Sindisiwe Mazalahedwa said Precious Mutandagayi is having an illicit affair with her husband despite the fact that she is married. Mazalahedwa applied for a peace order against Mutandagayi saying that she is being insulted and mocked.

“This woman used to be my best friend until she snatched my husband. I have been living in misery because of her. She sings offending songs when I am around.

“She mocks me saying I am too slim that is why my husband is no longer interested in me. Things between my husband and I got so bad that I had to sue him for maintenance.

“I thought she was my friend but she proved to be a snake. I want her to stop talking to me and I do not want her to come to our house,” said Mazalahedwa.

Mutandagayi said Mazalahedwa was the one who had caused her divorce by her accusations. The incident which happened Zimbabwe left many people baffled.

“My husband divorced me for a year after the applicant circulated rumors that I was having an affair.

My husband later realised that she was lying and we reconciled.

“She is bitter because I reconciled with my husband. I do not know what her agenda is because she is accusing me of things I do not know.

“She once assaulted me and I have not spoken to her since I returned to my matrimonial home,” argued Mutandagayi.

Magistrate Sharon Rakafa granted the order in Mazalahedwa’s favour.

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