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5 Things You Should Know About Tucker Carlson’s Chat with Vladimir Putin


So, did you catch that interview between Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin? If not, no worries, we’ve got you covered! Here are five key takeaways from their chitchat:

1. Putin’s Unfiltered Opinions

Alright, so picture this: Putin sitting down with Carlson for over two hours, sharing his thoughts on everything from Russia-Ukraine history to why he thinks it’s cool to take a piece of Ukraine. Carlson barely interrupted, which some folks weren’t too thrilled about. Critics later pointed out that Putin kinda fibbed about some stuff, like the whole invasion situation. Oops!

2. Putin’s Confidence in Ukraine

During the interview, Putin strutted around like a peacock, acting all self-assured and stuff, claiming he’s just defending Mother Russia. Carlson didn’t really question him on this, though. But hey, Putin did drop a hint that he’s open to talking with the U.S. about this whole Ukraine mess, so that’s something, right?

3. Putin’s Beef with the U.S.

Ah, yes, Putin took the opportunity to throw some shade at the U.S., saying they’re all about funding Ukraine and meddling in other countries’ business. He even suggested that U.S. intelligence agencies are playing their own game, not following the prez’s lead. Carlson nodded along, giving Putin the floor to bash Congress for supporting Ukraine. It’s like a game of international political ping pong!

4. Carlson’s Plea for a Reporter’s Release

In a dramatic moment towards the end, Carlson asked Putin to release a Wall Street Journal reporter who’s been caught up in the crossfire. Putin wasn’t exactly jumping at the chance for some goodwill, though. He accused the reporter of spying, while Carlson tried to remind him that the guy’s just a journalist. Talk about a plot twist!

5. Russian Media Loves the Limelight

You know how when you post a cute selfie and all your friends go nuts over it? Well, that’s kinda what happened in Russia after this interview. State media went wild, plastering Putin’s chat with Carlson all over the place. They even quoted Kremlin bigwigs bragging about the attention it got. Over in the U.S., though, some media folks were scratching their heads, thinking maybe Putin got a bit too cozy with Carlson.

So, there you have it, folks! The scoop on Carlson and Putin’s little powwow. Whether you think it was a serious political discussion or just two guys shooting the breeze, one thing’s for sure: it got people talking!