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Biden Teams Up with Obama and Pelosi for a Health Care Rally: A Push for Re-Election on a Pillar of Progress


In a political equivalent of assembling a supergroup, President Joe Biden is bringing together two heavyweights of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, for a virtual rally that’s all about amplifying the achievements in health care under his watch. This power trio is not just reuniting for a trip down memory lane; they’re gearing up to show voters that the strides made in health care affordability are more than enough reason for Biden to get a second term in the Oval Office.

This Saturday, they’ll be celebrating the 14th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) signing—a landmark piece of legislation that’s as much a testament to their collective legacy as it is a foundation for Biden’s re-election campaign. This event is part of a larger strategy, one that involves a digital ad onslaught and events across the crucial swing states that could decide the outcome in November: think Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and a handful of others that are key to securing a win.

Biden’s message has been clear from the get-go: his health care record stands as a bulwark against any attempts to roll back the progress made, particularly the ACA, famously known as Obamacare. This stance is set against the backdrop of his presumptive opponent, Donald Trump, and the latter’s hints at giving the ACA repeal another go. But with Obama and Pelosi by his side, Biden is dialing up the intensity of his campaign, marking their first public joint appearance since his re-election bid kicked off.

Jen O’Malley Dillon, chair of Biden’s re-election campaign, summed it up by highlighting the ACA’s monumental significance and the emblematic fight it represents—a battle for the people, achieving what once seemed a pipe dream.

As Republicans mount attacks on various fronts, from immigration to inflation and crime, Democrats are doubling down on their health care achievements. Polls suggest that when it comes to health care, voters’ trust leans heavily towards the Democratic camp. Biden’s approach? Focus on the palpable, the everyday issues impacting people’s lives, like the enhanced ACA subsidies and the record-high Obamacare enrollment seen in January. Moreover, the campaign is spotlighting the inauguration of Medicare’s price negotiations for pricy drugs—a move that, despite its long-term timeline for reducing costs, underscores a commitment to making health care more accessible and affordable.

The campaign’s arsenal includes a variety of ads in both English and Spanish, championing Biden’s directives for negotiating drug prices and capping insulin costs for Medicare beneficiaries. Yet, amidst these initiatives, Obamacare remains a formidable asset. Its popularity has only grown, contrasting sharply with the initial political costs it imposed on Democrats. Today, ACA enrollment is 50% higher than when the last repeal attempt was made in 2017, boasting significant upticks in enrollment even in traditionally red states.

Moreover, the expansion of Medicaid under the ACA in nine additional red and purple states since 2017 has made the prospect of repealing the law even more politically precarious, even among GOP lawmakers.

In essence, as Biden, Obama, and Pelosi rally for health care this Saturday, they’re not just advocating for a policy—they’re rallying for a vision of America where health care is a right, not a privilege. It’s a powerful reminder of what’s at stake in the upcoming election and a clear message that when it comes to health care, Biden is asking for four more years to continue the fight.