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Biden Warns: Trump Unlikely to Concede if He Loses Upcoming Election

Credit: CBS News

In a recent interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, President Joe Biden expressed serious concerns about former President Donald Trump’s willingness to accept the results of the upcoming election should he lose. Labeling Trump’s potential refusal as “dangerous,” Biden emphasized the anxiety this stance causes among global leaders and its implications for democratic stability worldwide.

Biden’s comments come at a time when Trump continues to promote the baseless assertion that the 2020 election was fraudulently taken from him. This narrative has been widely discredited by numerous court rulings and bipartisan election officials across the United States. Despite this, Trump’s rhetoric remains unchanged, stirring worries about another refusal to concede if he does not win in the upcoming electoral contest.

During his discussion, Biden reflected on the broader implications of such a stance, recounting interactions with international leaders who view the stability of U.S. democracy as pivotal to global democratic norms. “You know what they all say? Not a joke, 80 percent of them after you have a major meeting go, ‘You’ve gotta win. My democracy is at stake,'” Biden recounted, highlighting the global stakes tied to America’s electoral integrity.

The conversation also touched on Trump’s recent comments to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel where he hinted at an unwilling acceptance of the election outcome, contingent on the ‘honesty’ of the process. “If everything’s honest, I’d gladly accept the results,” Trump said. “If it’s not, you have to fight for the right of the country.” This statement has revived fears of a repeat of the January 6, 2021, Capitol riots, which saw Trump supporters violently attempting to halt the certification of Biden’s victory following Trump’s incitement.

Apart from his electoral concerns, Biden criticized Trump’s campaign promises, which include prosecuting political opponents, repealing Democratic legislation that lowered prescription drug costs, and implementing new tariffs on imports. These actions, according to Biden, are indicative of Trump’s disregard for democratic norms and his authoritarian leanings.

Amidst these tensions, Biden remains optimistic about his campaign, contrasting his organized and grassroots approach with Trump’s less structured strategy. Despite Trump’s lead in battleground states and their close run in national polls, Biden’s campaign is heavily focused on traditional campaigning methods like door-to-door canvassing and personal voter engagement.

“We’re doing the block and tackling. We’re going out and making sure we knock on doors, get folks out the old-fashioned way,” Biden noted, expressing confidence in the effectiveness of his campaign’s groundwork. He further mentioned that voter attention and decision-making typically peak in the fall, suggesting that current polling may not fully capture the electoral outcome.

This election cycle, then, is not just a political contest but a pivotal moment for American democracy, with significant implications for how the United States is viewed on the world stage. Biden’s campaign continues to underline the importance of maintaining democratic practices and addressing voter concerns head-on as the country heads towards another potentially contentious election.