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Biden’s Border Action Dilemma

In a whimsical twist that sounds more like a plot from a political puppet show than the halls of power, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has floated a rather intriguing theory on national TV. According to Johnson, President Biden, who apparently has all the tools and legal advice needed to tackle the pressing border issues, seems to be held back by an unseen force. It’s not kryptonite or a supervillain’s plot, but something far more mysterious: his own staff.

Johnson, during a morning chat that felt more like spilling the beans over coffee than a formal interview on Fox Business, shared his bewildering observation. He recounted his own efforts to nudge the President towards action, even going as far as reading the law to him, line by line, like a bedtime story that he hoped would inspire dreams of decisive action. Yet, the President seems to be in a bind, not because of a lack of understanding or desire, but because his staff might be playing a real-life version of ‘Simon Says’ where ‘Simon’ prefers the border stays just as it is.

The plot thickens as Johnson reveals his ongoing crusade to persuade President Biden to dust off the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” playbook and to give the green light to the border wall’s return. But, like a TV show cliffhanger, the outcome remains uncertain.

Adding to the drama is the Senate’s latest effort, a bipartisan concoction blending aid for Ukraine with changes in border and migration policy. While the recipe is still under wraps, Johnson’s appetite for it seems minimal, especially if it tastes anything like the rumors suggest. His verdict? “Dead on arrival” at the House’s doorstep.

The White House, not to be outdone in this narrative, counters with its own version of events, suggesting that Johnson’s sudden demand for executive action, despite previously calling for legislative solutions, might have less to do with border security and more with political theater. They point to a grand, bipartisan deal in the making, one that President Biden backs, promising a buffet of law enforcement hiring and tech advancements to curb fentanyl trafficking. Yet, Johnson remains skeptical, waiting to see the details before fully lifting the curtain on his support or opposition.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) plays the role of the suspenseful storyteller, promising the grand reveal of the border-Ukraine deal by Sunday. Johnson, for his part, keeps his cards close to his chest, not fully dismissing the Senate’s effort but making it clear that his eyes are set on the prize: the contents of H.R. 2, the legislative magic wand he believes can secure the border once and for all.

As this political drama unfolds, one can’t help but imagine the corridors of power filled with intrigue, secret alliances, and perhaps a marionette or two, all contributing to the grand spectacle of governance. Will the President break free from the strings that supposedly bind him? Will the Senate’s deal find favor in the House? Stay tuned for the next episode in the ongoing saga of “Biden’s Border Action Dilemma.”