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Biden’s TikTok Journey: From Campaign Trail to Viral Fame

Credit: Axios

So, Joe Biden’s dipped his toes into the world of TikTok, and the results are in! In just 24 hours, he’s managed to rack up a cool 67,000 followers. Now, before you start imagining him doing the Renegade dance or trying out trendy filters, let’s dive into what this all means.

Sure, 67,000 might sound like a lot, but let’s put it into perspective. It’s like having a pretty decent-sized party in your backyard, but your neighbor down the street is throwing a block party with 38 million guests! Yep, that’s the difference between Biden’s TikTok following and some other big accounts out there. Still, not too shabby for a politician, right?

Now, onto the content. Biden’s team seems to be embracing the fun side of TikTok. His first video, where he tackled some lighthearted questions about the Super Bowl and poked a bit of fun at Republicans, snagged a whopping 6 million views! Talk about making an entrance.

Then there was the “weird brag” post, featuring clips of Donald Trump boasting about overturning Roe v. Wade. That one got over 84,000 views. Not bad for some political banter on a platform known for dance challenges and lip-sync battles.

But it’s not all politics and serious stuff. Biden’s also showing off his sense of humor. There’s a video where he jokes about his age, pulling in 70,000 views. And let’s not forget the post where he called out Trump’s remarks about Russia and NATO, which caught some attention too.

Political experts are giving Biden’s TikTok debut a thumbs-up. They say injecting a bit of humor and cheekiness is the way to go on a platform like this. After all, who wants to see politicians being all stiff and serious? Not TikTok users, that’s for sure.

But of course, not everyone’s cheering Biden on. Some Republicans are raising concerns about security, especially with TikTok being owned by a Chinese company. Senator Josh Hawley even called Biden’s TikTok move “desperate.” Ouch. Shots fired!

Despite the criticism, Biden’s campaign team is riding high on their TikTok success. They’re calling it a win for their innovative approach to reaching voters in today’s media landscape. Deputy Campaign Manager Rob Flaherty says it’s all about adapting to the times and connecting with people in new ways.

So, there you have it. Biden’s TikTok journey is just getting started, but it looks like he’s off to a pretty good start. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see him mastering the latest TikTok trends next. One thing’s for sure: politics just got a whole lot more entertaining.