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Mark Your Calendars: Biden and Trump Set for First 2024 Debate on June 27

In an exciting development for the 2024 presidential election, both President Biden and former President Trump have confirmed their participation in a highly anticipated debate scheduled for June 27. This event, hosted by CNN in their Atlanta studios, promises to be a pivotal moment in this election cycle, providing a direct face-off between the two major party candidates.

The Stage is Set

The debate is poised to take place in a setting without an audience, which will focus the event solely on the discourse between the candidates. This format is intended to eliminate external applause or disruptions and concentrate on the candidates’ policies and responses. CNN plans to broadcast the debate live, ensuring that viewers from around the globe can tune in to this significant political event.

Strategic Timing and Arrangements

The timing of the debate is strategic, positioned after President Biden’s return from the Group of Seven summit in Europe and following the conclusion of Trump’s hush money trial in New York. This scheduling suggests a clear window where both candidates can direct their full attention to the debate without external pressures.

The Biden campaign has taken an active role in the coordination of this debate, proposing additional debates and a vice presidential debate in the months that follow. This proactive approach indicates a readiness to engage in comprehensive and public discussions on the campaign trail, moving away from the traditional oversight by the Commission on Presidential Debates. Instead, they aim to collaborate directly with various news organizations to set these pivotal events.

Historical Context and Anticipation

This debate marks a significant moment, especially given Trump’s historically tumultuous relationship with CNN, whom he has frequently criticized. Despite this, Trump’s agreement to participate underlines the importance of this debate as a platform for both candidates to outline their visions directly to the electorate.

Interestingly, both candidates have recently interacted with CNN in contexts that foreshadow the dynamics expected at the debate. Biden’s interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett and Trump’s confrontational town hall moderated by Kaitlan Collins hint at the kinds of interactions the public might anticipate.

Looking Forward

As the details of the debate moderators and specific topics are still to be announced, the political community and the electorate are keenly waiting for more information. This debate not only offers a direct comparison of the candidates’ policies and leadership qualities but also serves as a crucial touchpoint for voters to understand where each candidate stands on pressing issues.

CNN’s announcement came at a strategic time during the WarnerBros. Discovery UpFront events in New York City, signaling the network’s commitment to hosting a critical discourse amid a pivotal election season.


With the first presidential debate set for June 27, the stage is set for a compelling dialogue between Biden and Trump. As both campaigns prepare for this and possibly further debates, the American public is offered a front-row seat to the arguments and solutions proposed by each candidate. This debate could very well set the tone for the remainder of the campaign, highlighting the choices facing voters in the upcoming presidential election.