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The Trump Train Chugs Along: Majority of GOP Congress Hops On Board

In a plot twist that could easily rival any daytime soap opera, former President Donald Trump has just scored his 135th congressional Republican endorsement, making him the belle of the GOP ball just in time for the Iowa caucuses. It’s like he’s collecting Pokémon, and he’s just caught a rare one!

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Julia Letlow from Louisiana are the latest to RSVP to the Trump party. Letlow, in a statement to POLITICO, sounded like she was narrating a heartwarming Hallmark movie, saying, “From the very beginning, President Trump has been both a supporter and a friend.” It’s as if Trump called her up and said, “Will you support me?” and she swooned, “It would be my privilege!”

This overwhelming support from congressional Republicans makes Trump look like the high school quarterback everyone wants to be friends with, far outshining his primary opponents. With 111 House Republicans and 24 Senators in his corner, Trump is leading the GOP endorsement race like a seasoned jockey at the Kentucky Derby. In comparison, Gov. Ron DeSantis and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley are trailing behind, collecting a modest number of supporters that could fit into a minivan.

The journey to this majority wasn’t all roses and sunshine. Post-Jan. 6, Trump’s relationship with congressional Republicans was a bit like a rocky romance in a reality TV show. But, like a determined suitor, he managed to win back many hearts.

Trump’s strategy has been a mix of relentless charm and strategic networking. Imagine him working the room at a political gala, shaking hands, and making promises like a seasoned politician at a state fair. His endorsement campaign, managed by Brian Jack, his de facto liaison to Congress, has been like a well-oiled machine, churning out support one congressman at a time.

Let’s not forget the personal touches. Letlow’s endorsement came after a heart-to-heart call with Trump, where she agreed to support him like an old friend vowing to help another. New York Rep. Nick Langworthy, a longtime ally of Trump, also jumped on the endorsement bandwagon, citing their strong relationship. It’s like a high school reunion where everyone remembers the good times and decides to join forces once again.

Rubio’s endorsement, though, is the cherry on top. By choosing Trump over his home state governor, DeSantis, and Haley, who once campaigned for him, Rubio’s decision feels like a dramatic scene in a political drama, where the protagonist must choose between old allies and new ambitions. It’s a bit like choosing between going to prom with the captain of the football team or the student council president.

As for Senator Jim Risch of Idaho, he too hopped on the Trump train, announcing his support late Saturday evening. This growing list of endorsements is like watching guests arrive at a surprise party, each one adding to the excitement and anticipation.

Trump’s journey to securing these endorsements is a testament to his influence and the relationships he’s fostered over the years. It’s like watching a seasoned chess player moving his pieces with precision, each move calculated to secure another ally.

Behind the scenes, Trump’s approach has been a blend of personal outreach and political savvy. He’s been on a mission, dialing up members of Congress with the charm of a telethon host, persuading them to join his cause. His efforts are reminiscent of a high-stakes political version of “The Bachelor,” where every rose (or endorsement) counts.

The story of Trump’s majority congressional GOP support is more than just a tale of political alliances; it’s a narrative of resilience, strategy, and the enduring power of personal connections in the corridors of power. It’s a reminder that in politics, like in any good soap opera, the plot is always thickening, alliances are ever-shifting, and there’s always room for a few surprises.

As the political season heats up, and the Iowa caucuses loom on the horizon, Trump’s growing list of endorsements reads like a who’s who of the Republican Party. It’s as though he’s throwing a grand political party, and the guest list keeps getting more impressive by the day.

In this ever-evolving political landscape, one thing is certain: Trump’s ability to gather support from a majority of congressional Republicans is a noteworthy feat, akin to a seasoned conductor leading an orchestra to a harmonious crescendo. And as the political drama unfolds, all eyes will be on this fascinating, unpredictable, and sometimes humorous world of American politics, where endorsements are king and the next twist is always just around the corner.