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Trump Clashes with De Niro as Legal Drama Unfolds

Credit: Newsweek

Former President Donald Trump sharply criticized actor Robert De Niro after De Niro made a public appearance outside the Manhattan courthouse, where Trump’s legal proceedings were unfolding. De Niro, a long-time critic of Trump, was there to speak on behalf of the Biden campaign regarding the potential dangers of a second Trump presidency.

The event escalated as Trump, taking to his platform Truth Social, expressed disdain for De Niro’s involvement and physical presence, labeling him as a “Wacko Former Actor” who suffers from “TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME,” a pejorative term Trump and his followers use to describe staunch critics of his administration.

De Niro’s appearance was part of a strategic move by the Biden campaign to highlight the stakes of the upcoming election amidst Trump’s ongoing hush money trial. The trial involves allegations that Trump falsified business records related to a payment made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels to prevent her from disclosing details of an alleged affair during the 2016 election cycle—a claim Trump denies.

At the courthouse, De Niro, alongside Capitol Police officers Harry Dunn and Michael Fanone—who were both injured during the January 6, 2021, Capitol riots—spoke out against the potential repercussions of Trump’s re-election. During their speeches, a group of Trump supporters gathered nearby, displaying flags and chanting slogans that ranged from supportive of Trump to directly antagonistic towards Biden. Notably, a flag reading “Trump or Death” was prominently displayed.

As the press conference wrapped up, demonstrators continued to express their fervor by following De Niro, vocalizing their support for Trump and decrying the trial’s judge, Juan Merchan, whom they labeled as corrupt—a sentiment echoed by Trump himself in his criticisms of the judicial proceedings.

In response to the heckling, De Niro criticized Trump for fostering an atmosphere of chaos and confrontation, suggesting that Trump’s leadership style has stoked divisions and could endanger democratic principles and freedoms if allowed to continue unchecked.

“Donald Trump has created this. He should be telling them not to do this… He wants to sow total chaos, which he’s succeeding in some areas and places to do,” De Niro stated, adding ominously, “If Trump returns to the White House, you can kiss away these freedoms that we take for granted, and elections, forget about it… He will never leave.”

The clash between De Nold’s remarks, protesters could be heard shouting critiques of De Niro’s recent film career, suggesting his artistic work had declined over the years due to his political involvement.

Trump concluded his tirade by lamenting the supposed decline in De Niro’s career since becoming politically active, insinuating that his professional endeavors have suffered as a result of his political expressions.

This public confrontation underscores the deeply polarized nature of American politics, where cultural figures and political discourse frequently collide. As the trial progresses and the political climate heats up, more such exchanges can be expected, highlighting the ongoing battle not just in courtrooms, but in the court of public opinion.