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Trump Says ‘No Thanks’ to Haley Supporters’ Money in Spirited GOP Race

Credit: Newsweek

In the latest episode of what could be mistaken for a political reality show, former President Donald Trump is laying down the law in his own unique style. His message to supporters? It’s simple: “You’re either with me, or you’re out!” Specifically, Trump is drawing a line in the sand with Nikki Haley’s supporters, in what can only be described as a bold move in the theatrical world of GOP politics.

In a social media post that’s as spicy as a hot sauce eating contest, Trump made it crystal clear: anyone who donates to Nikki Haley’s campaign is persona non grata in the MAGA camp. “Anybody that makes a ‘Contribution’ to Birdbrain, from this moment forth, will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp,” Trump declared with the flair of a drama-filled TV show host. “We don’t want them, and will not accept them, because we Put America First, and ALWAYS WILL!” Talk about a plot twist!

This declaration comes hot on the heels of Trump’s victory lap in New Hampshire, where he outshone Haley, his former U.N. ambassador, for the second time in this political tango. Despite Haley having the backing of some heavyweight GOP donors, Trump and his entourage have been nudging her to exit stage left and rally behind him. It’s like watching a high-stakes game of chess, where every move is calculated and every player is strategic.

As for the details on how Trump plans to enforce this ‘donation blackout’, well, that’s still a mystery. Maybe it’ll be a scene straight out of a spy movie, with secret agents and code names. Or perhaps it’ll be a bit more mundane – a simple check of the donor lists. Either way, it’s sure to add some intrigue to the already dramatic GOP race.

Meanwhile, Haley, undeterred by her Granite State setback, is doubling down on her campaign. In a rally that had all the energy of a rock concert, she announced a whopping $1 million raised in small-dollar donations since her loss. “We have raised $1 million since I gave that speech last night — online, in small dollars,” Haley told an energized crowd. “We have had 200,000 donors from all 50 states. Ninety-five percent of those donations are $200 or less.” It’s like a grassroots funding bonanza, a testament to her tenacity and the dedication of her supporters.

And in true political jousting fashion, Haley shot back at Trump with a tweet that could be straight out of a witty sitcom. Replying to his declaration, she quipped: “Well in that case…donate here. Let’s Go!” It’s like watching a political tennis match, with each side serving up zingers.

As the GOP race continues to unfold, it’s becoming clear that this isn’t just a competition for political power – it’s a battle of personalities, strategies, and, let’s face it, a fair bit of drama. Whether you’re Team Trump or Team Haley, one thing’s for sure: this political saga is far from over, and it’s bound to keep us entertained and on the edge of our seats. So grab your popcorn, folks – this is one show you won’t want to miss!