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Trump’s Legal Knockout: 5 Revelations from the New York Civil Fraud Trial

Credit: CNBC

Former President Trump, once the kingpin of business and politics, now tangled in a web of legal woes that could rewrite the chapters of his empire’s saga. As the gavel fell in a New York courtroom, the echoes of judgment ricocheted through the corridors of power, leaving us with five key takeaways from this gripping courtroom drama.

1. Whopping Fines & Billionaire Status at Stake

In a plot twist that could rival any blockbuster, Judge Arthur Engoron slapped Trump with a jaw-dropping fine of over $355 million. That’s not pocket change, even for a billionaire like Trump! With interest added, this sum could stretch to a staggering $450 million. Talk about a hit to the wallet!

Trump’s sons, Don Jr. and Eric, didn’t escape unscathed either, each facing a hefty bill of over $4 million. And let’s not forget Allen Weisselberg, the former CFO, who got tagged with a cool $1 million. Looks like the Trump family’s piggy bank just got a lot lighter.

2. No New York Business Ban

Imagine being banned from the Big Apple’s business scene! That’s the reality Trump faces as the judge slammed the door shut on him and his sons for three long years. No corner offices, no boardroom chats—just a timeout from the concrete jungle.

Even Weisselberg got a slice of the ban pie, barred from holding any high-ranking positions for three years. But hey, at least they can still grab a hot dog from a street vendor, right?

3. Truth or Tale: Witness Woes

The courtroom was a stage where truth clashed with tales spun like spider silk. Trump’s performance on the stand didn’t win him any Oscars—instead, it earned him a stern rebuke from the judge. With answers dodged like dodgeballs and speeches that veered off course faster than a New York taxi, Trump’s credibility took a nosedive.

But wait, there’s more! Even Eric Trump got caught in a web of fibs, earning him a raised eyebrow from the judge. It seems honesty wasn’t the family motto in this courtroom drama.

4. Oversight Overload: Micromanaging Trump

In a move that could rival micromanaging a summer BBQ, Judge Engoron decided Trump’s business needed a little extra supervision. Enter Judge Barbara Jones, the independent monitor tasked with keeping a close eye on the Trump Organization for the next three years. It’s like having a nosy neighbor peeking over your fence, but for big-league businesses.

Not content with just one overseer, Engoron doubled down by ordering an independent compliance director to keep things in check. It’s like adding an extra referee to a game already fraught with penalties.

5. The Great Reversal: Business Breakup Averted

Just when you thought the plot couldn’t thicken any further, Judge Engoron hit us with a curveball. Remember when he ordered Trump’s businesses to pack their bags and leave New York? Well, hold onto your hats because that order got tossed out the window faster than a New York minute!

Engoron pulled back on the business breakup, citing concerns about economic fallout. But don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet—Trump’s companies still face the chopping block, with Judge Jones and her compliance posse keeping a watchful eye.

And so, the saga continues, with Trump’s fate hanging in the balance as the legal drama unfolds. Will he rise from the ashes like a phoenix, or will he be relegated to the annals of history? Only time will tell in this gripping tale of trials and tribulations.