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Trump’s Lunchtime Drama: A Banquet of Legal Battles and Sandwich Sagas

Credit: Business Insider

In a tale that feels more like a scene from a quirky courtroom drama than the halls of justice, attorney Roberta Kaplan dishes out a story that’s as appetizing as it is astonishing. Picture this: amidst the opulent setting of Mar-a-Lago, former President Donald Trump’s Floridian fortress, a deposition unfolds with all the tension of a high-stakes legal showdown. But what sends Trump storming out isn’t a legal zinger or a damning piece of evidence—it’s the offer of lunch.

Yes, you heard that right. Kaplan, a legal eagle who’s found herself squaring off against Trump in the courtroom on several occasions, recalls a moment that could only happen in the world of Trump. During a podcast with George Conway and Sarah Longwell—both Republicans who’ve not shied away from critiquing Trump—Kaplan shares the lunchtime saga that left everyone wide-eyed.

The scene is set when Trump, in a move that’s equal parts hospitality and hubris, questions Kaplan on her lunch plans at his lavish Mar-a-Lago club. Upon learning that his own legal team had extended the courtesy of a meal, Trump’s reaction was less than gracious. With a flourish worthy of a reality TV climax, he sends a pile of documents flying across the table and exits stage left.

The plot thickens upon Kaplan’s return from the lunch break, where Trump’s curiosity about the culinary critique of his club’s offerings leads to a surprisingly charming exchange. Kaplan, who had opted for the simplicity of a banana over a meal, recounts Trump’s playful admission that he had hoped to saddle her with “really bad sandwiches”—only to concede that Mar-a-Lago’s standards were too high for such mischief. “We have the best sandwiches,” he boasted, a line that could easily double as a slogan for the club.

This legal luncheon, however, was just a prelude to the main course: a defamation case where Kaplan represented E. Jean Carroll, leading to a monumental $83.3 million jury award against Trump, a testament to Kaplan’s prowess and dedication to justice. This, she considers her crowning achievement, a validation of her belief in the rule of law and the judicial system.

But every good story has its twist. As the deposition wrapped up, Trump’s parting shot—”See you next Tuesday”—left Kaplan puzzled until her team enlightened her on the not-so-innocent farewell. It’s a moment that captures the blend of high stakes and high school antics that seems to follow Trump’s legal entanglements.

Kaplan’s recount of these episodes offers a glimpse into the surreal world of legal battles against a backdrop of power and privilege. From flying documents to sandwich squabbles, and cryptic goodbyes, it’s a narrative that entertains as much as it enlightens. As Kaplan navigates these waters, her commitment to the rule of law and justice shines through, proving that even in the face of bizarre lunch disputes and legal jibes, the pursuit of truth and accountability remains the main course.

In the end, this story is more than just a legal anecdote; it’s a testament to the peculiarities of high-profile legal battles and the unexpected moments that humanize them. So, as we reflect on this sandwich saga, let’s remember that behind every headline, there’s a story of individuals navigating the complexities of law, power, and yes, even lunch.