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Unprecedented Fundraising: Trump Campaign Secures $141 Million Post-Verdict

In a striking demonstration of financial support, the Trump campaign, in conjunction with the Republican National Committee (RNC), announced an impressive fundraising total of $141 million for the month of May. This surge in donations was notably influenced by a substantial uptick following the former president’s conviction on 34 felony counts in New York.

The May fundraising figures, revealed on Monday, include contributions from over two million donors, with a remarkable 25 percent being first-time contributors to the campaign. This influx of new support highlights a significant mobilization of backers, possibly driven by recent developments in Trump’s legal battles and the media coverage surrounding them.

In addition to the $141 million raised by the campaign and the R-NC, other pro-Trump organizations collectively garnered around $150 million, according to campaign officials. This combined effort underscores a broad base of financial and grassroots support for the former president.

Campaign senior advisers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming support. “We are moved by the outpouring of support for President Donald J. Trump,” they stated. “President Trump raised $141 million this month because Americans remember the roaring economy, secure border, and peace through strength at home and abroad under Donald J. Trump, and we will return to prosperity and success when he is re-elected in November,” they added, echoing a sentiment of return to former policies and national condition under Trump’s administration.

A significant portion of the fundraising success, particularly $53 million, was collected through online donations within 24 hours after the guilty verdict was announced. This immediate and robust response to the verdict suggests a rallying effect among Trump’s base, further solidifying his financial resources for the upcoming electoral battle.

The formidable total raised in May is seen as a crucial step in narrowing the financial gap between the Trump campaign and that of President Joe Biden. While the Biden campaign reported raising $51 million in April and had $192 million on hand, Trump’s campaign had previously lagged behind in cash reserves. The latest figures from the Trump campaign could potentially shift this dynamic, setting the stage for a more competitive funding environment as the November election approaches.

Despite the Biden campaign’s previous cash advantage, Trump campaign officials have consistently downplayed its significance. They maintain that the former president’s fundraising momentum and the robust support network will adequately equip them for a successful campaign in the forthcoming election.

On the other hand, Biden campaign officials have pointed out their strategic expenditures, highlighting investments in staff and resources across key battleground states—areas they believe will be critical in determining the election outcome. They argue that while the Trump campaign has achieved notable fundraising success, it has yet to match the Biden campaign’s groundwork in these pivotal regions. Additionally, concerns about Trump’s significant legal expenses have been voiced, suggesting these could impact the campaign’s allocation of resources.

This financial report not only reflects the current state of political fundraising but also underscores the deep divisions and the highly charged atmosphere surrounding U.S. politics. As both campaigns gear up for what promises to be an intensely contested election, the strategies employed and the funds raised will be pivotal in shaping the political landscape in November. The coming months will likely see continued focus on mobilizing support, managing resources, and strategically positioning each campaign to leverage their strengths in the race to the White House.