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Biden’s Miami Mission: Fundraising with a Side of Political Buzz

Credit: Politico

President Joe Biden is gearing up for a sun-soaked trip to Miami on January 30, but it’s not all about soaking up the Florida sunshine. This visit, Biden’s sixth to the state as president, is all about a fundraiser at the home of Chris Korge, the national finance chair of the Biden Victory Fund. And let me tell you, this isn’t your average backyard BBQ – we’re talking about ticket prices that start at a cool $3,300 and soar up to a whopping $250,000 for the privilege of being a co-chair.

A Fundraiser with Flair

Now, if you’re thinking this Miami rendezvous is just about filling campaign coffers, well, you’re only seeing part of the picture. This visit is stirring up some juicy political gossip. The big question on everyone’s lips: Is Biden making a play to compete in Florida, the state known for its political high-wire acts?

Florida, once the ultimate swing state, has recently been doing the political cha-cha to the right. But Biden, ever the optimist, is swooping into the Sunshine State, perhaps with an eye on turning the tide.

Biden’s Florida Fling

This isn’t Biden’s first Florida fling; he’s been here five times before as president. His last visit was a somber affair in September to survey the Hurricane Idalia damage. Florida’s own Gov. Ron DeSantis played hooky from that meeting, sparking a bit of a political kerfuffle.

Biden and Florida have a bit of a complicated relationship. In the 2020 election, Florida gave Biden the cold shoulder, favoring Trump by over three percentage points. But don’t think that’s got Biden down. His campaign, while acknowledging the uphill battle in Florida, is eyeing other paths to victory, focusing on the Rust Belt and Sun Belt states.

Cash, Campaigns, and Comparisons

Entering 2024, Biden’s campaign coffers are looking pretty healthy, thanks to a successful end-of-year fundraising sprint. They raked in over $97 million in the last three months of 2023, leaving Biden sitting prettier than his Democratic predecessors at this point in their campaigns. With $117 million cash in hand and a more frugal campaign strategy, Team Biden is playing a long game.

But let’s not forget the fundraising elephant in the room – former President Donald Trump. While Trump’s fourth-quarter figures are still under wraps, it’s worth noting that at the end of his third year in office, Trump and the Republican National Committee bagged over $154 million. So, the fundraising race is on, and it’s as heated as a Florida summer!

The Miami Hype

Back to Miami – Korge is pulling out all the stops for this shindig. He’s dreaming big, hoping this fundraiser will go down in history as the largest ever for a presidential candidate in Florida. The buzz is real, and the excitement is palpable. It’s not just a fundraiser; it’s a statement, a show of force, and a glimpse into the strategic mind of the Biden campaign.

As Biden touches down in Miami, it’s not just about the funds; it’s about setting the stage for the upcoming political drama. Florida, with all its quirks and surprises, is watching closely. Will Biden’s Miami magic work? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – the road to 2024 is getting more interesting by the minute.