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DeSantis Reflects on Media Strategy: Wishing for a Media Mulligan

Credit: CNN

In the world of politics, where the microphone is mightier than the sword, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is having a bit of a “hindsight is 20/20” moment. Imagine if you could redo that karaoke night where you confidently belted out the wrong lyrics – that’s kind of where DeSantis finds himself, wishing he could have a do-over with his media strategy.

Playing It Safe, Then Going Full Throttle

Initially, DeSantis played it safe, cozying up only to conservative outlets like a cat curling up in its favorite sunny spot. But, as he spilled the beans in a candid chat with radio host Hugh Hewitt, he now thinks he should have been “blanketing” the media landscape – hopping from one show to another like a political talk show marathon runner.

The Media Dance: A Step Too Cautious

It’s not every day that a politician admits they could have waltzed a little differently. DeSantis, known for his tango with conservative media and samba of skepticism towards mainstream outlets, is now doing a bit of a foxtrot backtrack. He’s realizing that perhaps dancing only to one tune might not have been the best strategy in the presidential campaign ballroom.

Poll Position: Playing Catch-Up

Currently playing catch-up in the presidential race, with former President Donald Trump leading the pack and DeSantis trailing, he’s trying to shake things up. It’s a bit like realizing you’ve brought a knife to a gunfight, or in his case, a pen to a tweetstorm.

From Book to Reality: A Frayed Media Relationship

DeSantis’ media beef isn’t new. It goes back a decade to his book “Dreams from Our Founding Fathers,” where he called out the media for liberal bias. Fast forward to the COVID pandemic, and it’s like adding fuel to an already smoldering fire, especially when he bucked federal guidance on school and business closures.

Changing Tunes: The DeSantis Media Tour

After initially reserving one-on-one interviews for friendly faces, DeSantis switched gears. Picture a band changing their setlist mid-concert. He’s now appearing on nearly every major network and has been accepting debate invitations like they’re going out of style, while his main rivals, Trump and Nikki Haley, are playing hard to get.

The Takeaway: DeSantis’ Media Marathon

DeSantis’ reflection on his media approach is like a chef admitting they should have added more spice to the stew. He’s now trying to serve up a more varied media diet to voters. It’s a strategic shift from a cozy corner to the center stage, hoping to capture a wider audience’s attention.

In the end, DeSantis’ media strategy shift is like deciding to change the course mid-race. Whether this new path leads to victory or not, only time will tell. But one thing is for sure – in the marathon of politics, it’s never too late to pick up the pace.