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Nikki Haley’s Rough Ride in Nevada’s Republican Primary

Credit: MSNBC

Poor Nikki Haley! The former U.N. ambassador found herself caught in a whirlwind as Nevada’s GOP voters gave a resounding thumbs-down to all the candidates on the ballot, including Haley herself. Yep, they went with the “none of these candidates” option in a move that left Haley licking her wounds and the political world buzzing.

Now, before you get too excited, let’s clarify one thing: this primary wasn’t your usual nail-biter. It was more of a symbolic gesture, with no delegates up for grabs. So, technically, it won’t make or break anyone’s campaign. But boy, does it sting for Haley!

The whole thing started when Haley decided to skip campaigning in Nevada. She figured she’d focus her energy on places where the playing field was a bit fairer. But turns out, she underestimated the power of the “none of these candidates” checkbox.

Even Trump couldn’t resist a jab, joking on social media about Haley’s potential reaction. Classic Trump!

And it’s not just Haley feeling the heat. Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo, also a Republican, cast his vote for “none of these candidates,” setting the tone for others to follow suit. Ouch!

Bruce Parks, chair of the Washoe County Republican Party, didn’t hold back either. He urged voters to stick it to Haley by checking that infamous box. Talk about a cold shoulder!

But let’s give credit where it’s due. Michael McDonald, Nevada GOP Chairman and a Trump ally, left it up to each county to decide whether to promote the “none of these candidates” option. And boy, did they deliver!

When the results came in, it was official: “none of these candidates” took the crown. And not just by a little – it was a landslide victory across the state. Sorry, Haley!

Now, you might be wondering why Nevada voters have this option in the first place. Well, it goes back to the post-Watergate era when folks wanted a way to participate in elections but also express their dissatisfaction with the choices. Hence, the birth of “none of these candidates.” It’s like saying, “Thanks, but no thanks!”

But fear not, politicos! The real showdown is yet to come with the caucuses on Thursday. That’s where the delegates are up for grabs, and Trump is gearing up for a victory lap. After all, he’s got the grassroots support and the party rules on his side.

As for Haley, well, she’ll just have to dust herself off and keep marching forward. It’s a tough game out there, but hey, that’s politics for you!

So, as the dust settles in Nevada, one thing’s for sure: it’s anyone’s game. But for now, let’s raise a toast to the power of the people – even if they choose “none of these candidates”!